Hedge Fund Accounting Overview

Excelor provides accounting software and services to a hedge fund’s internal operations below the fund level within the general partner space.  We have experience installing, maintaining and servicing hedge fund accounting software for various funds.

Components of Hedge Fund Accounting Below Fund Level 

Our hedge fund accounting and reporting clients have used our solutions for the following hedge fund internal operations:

  1. Portfolio/ Investment Accounting
  2. Management Company Accounting
  3. Limited Partners – are requesting more documentation/information about the portfolio companies.

It is also important to note that we do not do the following:

  1. Fund Accounting
  2. Fund Administration
  3. Partnership Accounting

Benefits of Private Equity Accounting Below Fund Level

  • Provide flexible inexpensive solutions-
    • other software solutions are customized and very expensive
    • our solutions use Microsoft products that we configure for your requirements
  • Reduce internal hedge fund operational costs-
    • by creating a more efficient process costs are always lowered
    • ongoing costs are more inexpensive for existing software
  •  Increase productivity-
    • virtually eliminate CFO and controller’s time converting and modifying excel spreadsheets from QuickBooks
    • verifying excel spreadsheet data for accuracy
    • accessing correct reports quickly
    • providing more time for the finance team to conduct analysis

What are some of the accounting challenges hedge funds face? 

How does Excelor solve this? 

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*Due to the nature of our industry, Excelor has non-disclosure agreements with all of our clients. Your email is considered confidential and private.

Firm Examples

  • $2B AUM Hedge Fund contacted Microsoft (MSFT) regarding frustration and lack of performance around QuickBooks. MSFT contacted Excelor to help. Excelor’s solution was to implement Microsoft Great Plains and configure it to their needs around reporting and consolidation requirements. Now the client is able to get a global snapshot of  their current holdings and is able to pass their audits with ease.
  • $9 B Asset Management Firm was having trouble generating basic reports due to QuickBooks being overtaxed. Excelor designed a system that has institutional strength and is able to add assets, employees and even launch additional Funds with out the worries of out growing the system. The Client is now also able to generate reports to investors and principals; in essence getting a snapshot of the business, which is critical as fund and investor demands grow.