Private Equity Accounting Challenges

As a controller or CFO, how many times have you spent countless nights trying to combine your Excel spreadsheets from QuickBooks and verifying the data’s accuracy by checking it many times? How many hours did you spend trying to find a small error on one Excel spreadsheet so you could balance your numbers? If this has happened to you then Excelor may be a fit for your needs.  We can virtually eliminate all of these issues.

Issues of Private Equity Accounting 

Below are some of the complaints we hear from Private Equity controllers and CFOs.

  • Consolidations– With QuickBooks, a user creates multiple Excel spreadsheets for each company to consolidate. This is time consuming and leaves room for errors. Microsoft Dynamics GP can combine companies on a Microsoft SQL backend and everything is consolidated in real time. In addition, it integrates well with other systems that use Microsoft SQL. Microsoft Dynamics GP also allows for rollups. Users also see the parent child company relationship as required. This helps when firms have multiple funds, multiple locations and multiple entities.
  • User Security– QuickBooks doesn’t have good security capabilities for finance related firms. This can cause compliance concerns. Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a GAAP compliant security trail with timestamps to show who entered the system, when they entered and what changes they made. It also is flexible and allows users access to single companies with minimum access or many companies.
  • Multi-Currency, Multiple Currency- With Microsoft Dynamics GP, users can show country specific currency and then roll up to USD. This helps with entities outside of the USA.
  • Multiple Locations, Multi-Countries
  • Multiple Funds
  • Multi-Entities, Multiple-Companies

Solutions of Private Equity Accounting

The system is capable of handling user security, multi-funds, multi-locations, multi-countries, multi-entities, and multicurrency while also achieving appropriate standards of control, compliance and efficiency. In addition, our team consists of accountants and finance majors with software expertise and experience who can build the correct chart of accounts for your industry. This is the most important part of accounting software.

How does Excelor do this? 

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Firm Examples

  • Performed due diligence to determine best accounting software and installed solution for a  $1B AUM Private Equity fund to handle more than 75 portfolio companies.
  • Installed solution for $5B AUM private equity fund which streamlined their accounting and helped provide the proper reports easily.