Private Equity Portfolio Monitoring Overview

Portfolio monitoring has become a time consuming task.  Excelor has  an inexpensive, flexible solution that replaces Quickbooks and Excel Spreadsheets  with a modified Microsoft Dynamics  solution to address portfolio monitoring  for  general partner’s private equity internal accounting operations.


GP Functional Overview


Current Environment Issues

QuickBooks is an excellent, reliable software. However, once combined with Excel Spreadsheets you have exceeded its capacity.

  • Trying to Consolidate companies within spreadsheets
  • Copying and pasting data sets for reporting -only to spend hours trying to find a single error within a spreadsheet
  • No real time data


Current Portfolio Monitoring Environment

Utilizing Quickbooks with Excel Spreadsheets


Additional QuickBooks and Excel Uses

  1. Management Company Accounting
  2. Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC)
  3. Holding Companies
  4. Operating and non-operating companies/ entities

New Environment Benefits 

Graduating to an automated accounting system provides more details, reduces costs,  provides more transparency and most of all reduces time wasted retrieving data.

  • Easily consolidate companies and funds
  • Data is auto loaded and reports are automatically created-minimizing  cutting and pasting
  • Data is scheduled for auto loads which is current for your needs

New Portfolio Monitoring Environment

Utilizing Microsoft Dynamics with our Intellectual Property


Automated Data Control Options:

  • Partial Load: Auto Load portfolio company  provided data
  • Full Load: Auto Load all portfolio company data
  • Deploy: If required, portfolio company can use your system to run the company

NOTE: If required, specialized software  systems such as eFront and iLevel can be used, which our details can load into.


Additional Benefits:

  1. Easily add and delete companies based on relationships
  2. Our solution provides more details since it has a place holder to collect detailed accounting and financial information
  3. This creates more transcparency for LPs

What are some of the accounting challenges private equity firms face?

How does Excelor solve this?

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Firm Examples

  • Performed due diligence to determine best accounting software and installed solution for a  $1B AUM Private Equity fund to handle more than 75 portfolio companies.
  • Installed solution for $5B AUM private equity fund which streamlined their accounting and helped provide the proper reports easily.