Small and Middle Market Private Companies – ERP Solutions

Excelor specializes in installing ERP / accounting solutions for small to middle market private companies. We are experienced in various industries such as software, services, manufacturing and distribution sectors. What makes us unique is our experience with private equity firms and family offices. Since we service this industry, we can help you be more efficient and attractable to various buyers. Our experience with private equity gives us a unique perspective to help your firm increase efficiency and value, especially if you are seeking an exit or raising capital.

Benefits of Using Excelor

Below are some ways we can help your firm.

  • Future Exit Plan – If you are seeking an exit and do not have a succession plan and alternative would be to sell your firm. We would be happy to make introductions with no charge to you.
  • Creating Value from Efficiency – As your firm becomes more efficient, your value goes up.
  • More Attractive – From our knowledge and experience your firm becomes more attractive to buyers. Buyers are not only private equity firms, but family offices and limited partners are also buying firms directly.

Benefits of Excelor Solutions 

ERP is the heart of a company; it ties in all the departments together.

  • Maintain Overall Margins –  An ERP system will help you dissect the data in greater detail giving you better control to manage and increase your margins.
  • Cyber and User Security – With cyber crime on the rise,  your accounting needs to be guarded externally and internally. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP provide a GAAP compliant security trail with timestamps to show who entered the system, when they entered and what changes they made. It also is flexible and allows users access to single companies with minimum access or many companies.
  • Foreign Economies – As your firm grows you may need to expand globally. Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP are ready to work with your expansion requirements in any country, language or currency.

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*Due to the nature of our industry, Excelor has non-disclosure agreements with all of our clients. Your email is considered confidential and private.