What We Do

Excelor specializes in Portfolio Company Accounting, Investment Accounting & Management Company Accounting for private equity funds, hedge funds and family offices.

On-Site Accounting Installation

We install the accounting solution and provide training at your firm.

Hosted Accounting Solution

We provide training and remote access to our accounting software solution.

Accounting Services

We perform full or partial outsourced accounting services depending on your requirements.

These solutions provide a global snapshot of the business and allows firms to pass internal or external audits with ease. All accounting data will now reside in one system rather than multiple Excel spreadsheets and QuickBooks. Excelor has worked with various private equity funds, hedge funds and family offices ranging from $250M to $15B+ AUM. We partner with COO’s, CFO’s and controllers to implement accounting solutions in a third of the time.

We are a unique services firm that does not do fund accounting but rather emphasizes the accounting below the fund level. With our process backgrounds, we are able to help streamline your processes and help you create robust and detailed reports.

Why We Do This

  • Many funds have been using a combination of QuickBooks and Excel spreadsheets to satisfy their accounting needs- which consumes too much time.
  • Portfolio Company, Investment Accounting and Management Company Accounting lack basic controls, are not compliant or do not meet regulatory needs.
  • Some clients have exceeded the capacity of QuickBooks or Peachtree. Our solutions increase performance, security and have the capability to perform consolidations, multi-funds, multi-locations, multi-countries, multi-entities and multicurrency.