Founded in 2001, Excelor’s primary focus is on accounting solutions for the financial industry. Our team’s accounting software installations and customized solutions have led to more efficient processes for our clients.

Over the years, our clients have had complex accounting needs. Through our experience and industry knowledge, we have developed a process that leads to:

  1. Determining the best, inexpensive accounting solution for you
  2. Installing the solution efficiently
  3. Inexpensive ongoing support
  4. Ensuring cyber security and user security

Our differentiators are:

  1. Private Equity, Hedge Funds and Family Offices are our focus, and we are highly experienced in this area.
  2. Excelor’s professionals have an accounting (CPA) or finance background first, as well as a strong software expertise. This enables us to build you the correct chart of accounts, which is the most important step prior to implementing the software.
  3. Excelor has completed extensive due diligence regarding accounting software solutions. This alleviates the need for costly and time consuming due diligence for our clients.

We provide solutions for:

Private Equity Accounting, Hedge Fund Accounting & Family Office Accounting

We streamline reporting and consolidate data to help get a better snapshot of the business.

  1. Provide access to reports quickly.
  2. We provide inexpensive solutions that fit your requirements.
  3. Create a more efficient accounting process.